RDS Hits Plymouth Rock

As Thanksgiving nears I can’t help but think about family, country, business and a very important historical lesson I learned in grade school about Plymouth Rock.

Plymouth Rock (a.k.a the steppingstone to the New World), is a symbol of America ingenuity and a lasting reminder of change and the importance of embracing it.  Children all around the nation are learning the historical importance of Plymouth Rock and its role in providing the pilgrims a safe harbor landing spot to cope with the changing geopolitical environment in Europe at the time.  

They say that by studying the past we are more prepared to deal with the future.  That seems very fitting at this point in life as my family grows, the country changes and our business evolves.


My wife Sarah gave birth to a beautiful girl a few months ago that rounded out our family.  We now have a very active three-year-old boy and a three-month-old girl.  Change is inevitable and embracing it is imperative to surviving the whole life thing. 

I remember date nights and long talks about our future. Those have since been replaced by discussions about education, discipline, laundry, groceries and the many other things that come with raising a family. 


Speaking of change, how about that Presidential election? 

Our country is very divided; however, the changing of the guard provides an opportunity to unify as a nation.  Regardless of one’s political affiliation, adapting to the change is a must, if for no other reason, to avoid going insane.


The recent announcement that Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD) was being sold to OpenText was more of the same-change. Remember; change is important to growth, development and achieving. We have hit Plymouth Rock-we are now partnered with a software company!

The pilgrims embraced the change and ultimately celebrated with a feast like no other.  Now, over 350 years later we break for Thanksgiving to remember the past, embrace the change and prepare for the future.

Happy Thanksgiving!