Microfilm Reader Printer Replacement

Reader printers were great once upon a time.  There is now a better, more efficient way to view microfilm. Gain digital access to your microfilm collection with DigitalReeL. 

DigitalReeL is more cost-effective and accurate than traditional microfilm retrieval methods since the rolls are scanned as one image rather than frame-by-frame. 

Records on physical microfilm are at risk of being destroyed by use and film deterioration. Yet, the expense of digital conversion has been too high for many organizations.

Digital ReeL is the ideal solution for the permanent preservation and web based viewing of microfilm archives. Digital ReeL is unlike any microfilm conversion solution available today due to its affordability, conversion accuracy, full-text searching capabilities and adjustable grayscale image enhancement feature.

We start by making replicas of your microfilm or microfiche, digitally preserving each roll or fiche exactly as it appeared in its physical state. Digital ReeL includes a web viewer so that users can retrieve digital microfilm rolls from a PC or smartphone, avoiding the hassles of physical film and reader printers.

Digital ReeL is available as an on premise solution and as a cloud-based offering. Customers nationwide such as federal government agencies, state and local government departments and private companies have come to trust their records to Digital ReeL.