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Louisiana Document Scanning Services and Document Management Software

Document Management Defined

Document Management is the practice of storing, managing and tracking electronic documents. Beginning with the origination of a document image from a paper document to the deletion of a document after its meaningful use, document management is critical to business processes across all industries. Our team has years of experience helping organizations managing their information assets to improve operational efficiency.


Cloud Document Management

Gone are the days of employees sitting in front of one screen with a landline at their side. Employees now send and receive information from many sources.  Increased mobility within an organization creates document management problems. Organizations need instant access to all of their information assets. To close the gap, more and more organizations are moving their information to the cloud. 

Why should you move your information to the cloud?

Cloud document management services

1. Infrastructure is expensive

Do the math. Add up what you would potentially spend on server, consulting, hardware maintenance, etc. Maintaining hardware assets is not at the core of most businesses' practices. Being cloud based unshackles you from this headache

2. Collaboration is easy

Whether in the boardroom or on a cross country sales blitz, your users have instant access to the latest versions of the files they are working on. 

3. Cloud document management increases productivity

Your employees are becoming increasingly mobile. Moving document management to the cloud allows them to find the information they need and helps them make decisions faster. 

4. Cloud document management is more secure 

Without investing millions of dollars, a business will never be able to deliver the security of a large data center. Relying on a on-premise document management system leaves a company susceptible to a litany of scenarios, none of which end well if critical information is stolen, lost or corrupted. 


Intelligent Document Capture Software

Intelligent enterprise capture solutions transform paper from liability into immediate business advantage by converting your documents and data into application-ready information. Capturing documents at their source allows for more fluid business processes and workflows.

How much are you spending to extract important information to drive business processes?

"By giving our customers a single access point for viewing all of their shipping documents, tracking shipping status, and receiving their invoices, the solution is a powerful marketing tool for us and has helped us attract new business."
-Deepak Sharma , Director of Business Solutions and Support , Agility Logistics


What is workflow automation?

Workflow automation, also called business process automation, is the act of completing business tasks involving information and people with the help of technology. Automating workflows drastically reduces time spent on manual tasks. It also provides managers with a view into business processes at any point in time allowing them to make changes on the fly. 

What are some common examples of workflows?

  • Human resources (HR): employee on-boarding, time-off requests, annual reviews, travel planning

  • Accounts Payable (AP): invoice processing, expense approvals

  • Information Technology: software/hardware upgrades, provisioning

How do I get started with workflow?

We can help by performing a business process analysis. We work with you to define business critical tasks, the information or documents involved, and the people responsible for these tasks. We form a plan tailored to your specific needs and provide you with a road map for automating your processes with the help of  ApplicationXtender Workflow Manager.

ApplicationXtender Workflow Manager or AX Workflow is an easy-to-use, yet fully enabled workflow solution, featuring process and forms design, workflow management, and analysis tools. 

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