What is a document management system?

A document management system scans, organizes and stores digital content. It helps you keep track of information critical to your business processes like human resources, financial, and others. You can utilize workflow components of your system to automate repeatable tasks. Your document management system also needs the ability to integrate with your existing applications.

Key components of a document management system

Most document management systems have a set of baseline functionality like storage, scanning, and indexing. More robust features like workflow, advanced capture, and full text search come out of the box with some systems or can be purchased separately as add-on modules.

Here are popular features to look for in a document management system:

ApplicationXtender Reports Management

A central document repository is where all of your documents are organized and stored. It should have an easy-to-use interface where users can easily perform their work tasks.

ApplicationXtender Capture Package

Document scanning functionality allows you to scan paperwork into your database. Make sure your system has robust scanning abilities and works with your in-house scanners.

ApplicationXtender Full Text Search

With advanced search functionality like full-text search you will be able to quickly find what you are looking for across your entire database.

ApplicationXtender Connector

Integration and compatibility with your current applications and infrastructure is essential to a successful implementation.

ApplicationXtender Workflow Manager

Workflow automation is becoming more and more prevalent in organization of all sizes. Eliminating repeatable or semi-repeatable processes saves valuable time and resources.

document security

The importance of document security cannot be overstated when shopping for a system. An ideal system will have multiple security features like audit trails, user and role-based access, SSL support, encryption and others.