Get Work Done With a Team That Knows How to Manage Content

Our document conversion services and software solutions are used by by government agencies, businesses and organizations of all types to capture, share, distribute and secure documents to thrive in a digital world. 


Industry Solutions


From independent school districts to universities, educators constantly deal with rising costs and a steady stream of budget cuts. Our software and services allows administrators to convert slow, paper-intensive processes that used to take days and weeks to lightning fast, automated processes that take minutes.


Our deepest experience lies within the government sector. RDS assists many government organizations at the local, state and federal levels. From land records to tax rolls, we understand just how important a government entity’s records are. As a custodian to these records, you want a partner that has a proven track record of preserving these records.


Energy companies rely on the seamless flow of information between departments. A major hurdle facing most energy companies is their distributed approach to content management. This approach is expensive, tough from a compliance perspective, and difficult from a project manager’s standpoint. Eliminating paper and consolidating these systems can rein in costs, maintain compliance, and assure that project managers have all information associated with a project at their fingertips.

Banking and Finance

Increased productivity and client service are areas that any financial service organizations can benefit from. From improving document processing and accelerating audits to reducing compliance costs, we deliver a document management solutions that automates your business processes and increases profitability.


Healthcare organizations are still transitioning to EHR systems to allow clinicians a comprehensive view of a patient’s records. As these organizations go digital across the enterprise, they are left to deal with an unwieldy amount of information to manage. Nearly 70 percent of that information is inactive and resides in legacy systems. Those legacy systems are kept alive strictly for the information in them. We show healthcare organizations how to eliminate these legacy systems and give them the ability to reinvest the money they have been wasting.


Departmental Solutions

Accounts Payable

The accounts payable process is one, if not the most, paper intensive processes within most organizations. Even with the latest technologies like ERP systems, electronic signatures and electronic invoices, accounting departments still struggle to process the records in an effective manner. We can setup an invoice capture solution to automate the entire accounts payable process.

Human Resources

People are what make businesses sink or swim. Managing human capital in a fair and efficient was is paramount. Giving HR departments the ability to manage detailed records, access them seamlessly, and make data-driven decisions is where our team comes in. We help by eliminating paper and setting up workflows that make every step of HR simple and intuitive.