What is Document Indexing?

Document Indexing is the process of tagging a file with information about it in order to make it retrievable. Indexing creates searchable information like dates, names and addresses that helps users find the document later. Index data is stored in a database or document management system which provides users a logical structure to find documents. 

Accurate document indexing is a must

Once a document is indexed it should be easily retrievable based on the indexing rules that you have in place. Great care should be taken when putting these rules in place. Missing or incorrect data can be very costly when documents cannot be found.

How do I extract index data from documents?

There are several ways to extract index data from scanned documents

  • Barcode indexing

  • Document Capture Software

  • OCR Indexing

  • Manual Indexing

Document indexing company you can trust

RDS has indexed millions of records for customers across the United States. Our imaging specialists use market leading capture software to automate much of the indexing process. A multi-step, double-blind verification process takes place on every single document leading to over 99 percent accuracy. We have experience indexing many types of records including:

  • Land records

  • Medical records

  • Accounts payable records

  • Human resource records

  • Large format drawings

  • and many more

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