How we help banks and credit unions with document management

credit union document scanning

Go paperless once and for all

We take your paper documents and convert them to instantly accessible digital files. Our software allows you to image new documents as they enter your institution.

credit union document management

Document management software

Secure, instant access to documents gives personnel the power to manage your information seamlessly.

BPM for credit unions and banks

Business process automation

Automating manual business processes with error-prone tasks eliminates bottle necks to promote better customer service and faster processing times.

Benefits of going digital for banks and credit unions

Reduce storage costs

Stop filling up filing cabinets with paper! You are wasting valuable real estate and creating compliance issues.

Secure access to information

The needle-in-a-haystack approach to finding documents is so 1980. A document management system allows a single point of access to pertinent information.

Speed up loan processing

With document management software, your institution can process loans electronically. Members can submit loan documents online and your employees can access their files instantly - all leading to better loan operations and customer service.

Case study: Eaton Vance

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