Document Management and Business Process Automation Consulting

We work with your team to identify slow-downs and interruptions in your business processes through a consultative approach. Once we find all the problem areas in your business processes, we prioritize which items are ripe for automation and bring large cost savings and return on investment. We meet with your key team members to document processes and build a go-forward strategy that leads to continuous process improvement even after our project is completed.

Industry knowledge that works for you

We have helped thousands of clients in a variety of industries streamline their business operations. Put that knowledge to work for you.

Our consulting team provides many benefits

  • Safeguard your current content in legacy systems or network drives by importing it into a new document management system

  • Define metadata/index fields to ensure consistency across all departments

  • Link to external databases like CRM, ERP, HR and AP systems

  • Define and implement workflows

  • Build a paperless strategy with our document scanning team




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