Lake Charles Records Storage Facility and Scanning Services


Sometimes you only need digital access to a small number of your files and scanning all of them doesn’t make business sense. To help with this, we store your documents at our secure records storage facility and retrieve them upon request. Once your records are brought to our facility, we index the boxes for easy search and retrieval. When you request a file, we scan the file and upload it your own personal cloud environment or email it to you.


Have a large back file of records that needs to be digitized but your budget won’t cover the entire project? You are not alone. Many of our clients chip away at their back file of paper for several months or even years to go completely digital. Our team will work with you to determine a monthly or quarterly budget that suits your needs. 

Onsite scanning service in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Have records that absolutely cannot leave your building? That’s okay! We have digitized some of the most prized collections from across country including sacramental records, legal files and historical land records-so we understand! Our team can setup scanners onsite to digitize your files.

To find out more or get a hassle-free quote for your document scanning needs call us at 985-888-0091 or fill out the contact form.