Large Format Scanning Services in Louisiana and the Gulf South 

Many organizations have large documents that are accessed on a regular basis. Our scanning services allow you to easily store and access your large format drawings from any device.

Why scan my large documents?

Ask yourself a few questions. How long does it take me to find a drawing? Am I tired of unrolling the huge pieces of paper and digging through cabinets? Are the drawings being worn out each time I use them? What if I lost this collection of documents due to some type of disaster or mishandling? How difficult is it to share these documents with someone?  

Those are some of the common pain points our clients face. Do you face similar issues?

High Quality Large Format Scanning You Can Rely On

RDS has a fleet of high performance large format scanners than can handle any project. Our scanners deliver image quality second-to-none even with old and fragile documents. Get in touch with one of our document imaging experts to learn more.



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