As a Louisiana-based firm, we have lived through many floods and helped countless organizations across the country restore their paper-based assets. Our cleaning, freeze drying, scanning and restoration services help you get back to business quickly.

How we help with wet documents:

Freeze drying wet documents

Step 1: Freeze documents

Freezing documents is the most effective way to stop further degradation. Simply air drying documents is not practical as the paper incurs additional damage in the form of mold, wrinkling, swelling and ink fading. Once frozen, the paper will not degrade any further and can remain in that state until restoration time.

Step 2: Press documents flat

Documents are mechanically pressed to ensure they do not distort or become wrinkled. The mechanical press ensures they remain as flat as possible.

Step 3: Remove water from documents in freeze drying chamber

After the documents are completely frozen and pressed, they are placed in a freeze-drying chamber calibrated to remove any air. When the chamber reaches the correct temperature and pressure, the water is converted to a vapor. Vapor is condensed and returns to a solid state outside of the chamber. Last, the chamber is slowly heated to remove any remaining liquid from the documents.

Cleaning and sterilization of wet documents

Our technicians carefully clean each page with brushes and sponges to remove any dirt, debris or mold. Then they apply a solution to prevent any additional mold from forming.

If the case of serious mold the documents are treated with gamma radiation to ensure they are completely sterilized.

Scanning of restored records

Prevent this from ever happening again by scanning the paper once it has been cleaned and dried. We can scan your records and present them as digital images in any format you choose. Our team will work with you to determine the proper indexing rules for each record type and desired media (disk, hard drive, document management system). Once a paper record has been digitized you are future-proofed from the next disaster.

Document destruction services

In many cases, clients only want the information on the paper records. Once the records are in a digital format, we can destroy them for you instead of shipping them back. Optionally, we provide long term record storage if you do not want them back right away.

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