3 onboarding workflows that you should be automating

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When you hire a new employee, sign a new client, or partnership agreement, your handling of the onboarding process largely determines the long-term success of the relationship. While each of these processes has a logical set of steps, most organizations don’t have a formal onboarding process or clearly defined workflows.

What are workflows?

From an information management perspective, workflows are the steps in a business process that can be mapped into a logical sequence of events. Work “flows” from one stage to the next by a predetermined set of rules or steps either manually (human intervention) or automatically using workflow tools to accomplish a goal.

Onboarding employees, clients, and partners

Introducing new people and companies to your organization’s business processes starts with onboarding. It can be a very paper-intensive process that creates hours of labor, or it can be a uniform process done with minimal human interaction.

Employee onboarding

Once you decide to hire a new candidate, their first impression of how your company operates takes place during the onboarding process. How smooth is your current employee onboarding process? Does a new employee have a pile of paperwork to sign, scan and return? Automating this process with web forms and workflow tools eliminates the back-and-forth shuffle of paperwork and makes a great first impression.

Client onboarding

A clunky client onboarding experience is a sure-fire way to shorten the lifespan that a company does business with you. People and businesses alike worship at the altar of convenience.

Making the process as seamless as possible is key to keeping them as a client for the long haul. A clear, automated process demonstrates to the client that they are in good hands and that you take their business seriously. Providing an extraordinary onboarding experience gives them the confidence to recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

Partner onboarding

Entering into a new partnership agreement is exciting for both parties involved. Rewarding partnerships bring new incomes and capabilities for each party. Getting hung up in administrative paperwork can bring the relationship to a screeching halt.

A structured partner onboarding process is designed to bring the new partner up to speed in the shortest possible time. It also sets the pace for how partners view your company. Once you have defined the steps in the process, you can build in automation tools to create workflows that people can easily follow and communicate.

Onboarding workflow consulting

We work with your team to examine your current onboarding processes to identify high ROI opportunities for automation. Our consultative approach takes a close look at how your people interact with your documents and technologies to accomplish organizational goals.  We then focus on designing efficient workflows for each onboarding process based on communications between you and our consultants.

Understanding your onboarding processes is half the battle. We integrate ApplicationXtender Workflow Manager with all popular ERP, ERM and ECM systems to drive major process improvements and rapid ROI. Get in touch with us to discuss automating your onboarding processes.