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The Vision for ApplicationXtender is Clear

Late in 2016, in its seemingly never-ended shopping spree, OpenText (OT) added a few more “toys” to its collection with the purchase of EMC’s Enterprise Content Division. Documentum was the primary reason for the purchase, but there were other products in the portfolio that had value. Upon unpacking its haul, OT discovered a few stowaways that turned out to be hidden treasures.

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Board of Supervisor Minutes in the Cloud

Finding relevant information in board minutes is a challenge for most counties. With RDS Cloud's Full Text search capabilities, you can find the information you need fast. Our Full Text Indexing environment gives users the ability to search unstructured data by providing various advanced search methods to quickly and easily locate specific information.

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A Few Unconventional Reasons to Go Paperless

My livelihood is contingent upon me convincing clients to digitize their paper yet my company uses paper every day. Why is that? Going one-hundred percent paperless is a pipe dream for most. The fact remains that not all paper is created equal.  Digitizing rarely accessed documents does not make business sense in a lot of cases.

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