Captiva is now OpenText Intelligent Capture

During Enterprise World, OpenText announced that Captiva has been re-branded as OpenText Intelligent Capture. Given the large footprint of the product globally, this is pretty big news.

OpenText logo

OpenText didn’t just give Captiva a new name, they consolidated their leading capture products into one unified solution. With all of OpenText’s energy focused on one capture product, OpenText Intelligent Capture will set the pace for capture software across the market.

Clients are demanding more and more out of their capture software these days. They need real-time interactions with clients - interactions made possible by extending capture beyond the back-office scanning environment. OpenText Intelligent Capture initiates processes by extracting data and sending it to lead systems, providing information to users in real time.

Some of the benefits of OpenText Intelligent Capture include:

  • Integration with all leading document management systems like ApplicationXtender

  • Easily extend capture to remote offices globally

  • Embedded machine learning allows you to teach the system to see documents how you see them

  • CaptureFlow is an easy-to-use workflow tool that reduces cycle time

  • Can be deployed in any environment

  • Uses multiple classification methods for smarter document classification

  • Option for AI-augmented capture

Contact us for OpenText Intelligent Capture support and development

Our team of developers and support engineers have been working with Captiva for many years. We don’t just support the product; we use the product everyday in our service bureau to capture millions of documents for clients. We would love to work with you to see if Intelligent Capture is a good fit for your company.