ECM Toolbox Conference Thoughts and Reflections

New York skyline

CASO invited our team to join their first ever partner conference in Manhattan, NY, for their flagship product ECM Toolbox. Like us CASO has a long and successful track record in the content management industry supporting ApplicationXtender (AX) clients nationwide.

The conference attracted many of the usual suspects from around the country that we have grown up with over the years. Walking into the conference room the morning of the show felt like a high school reunion of sorts.

Richard Tamaro, CEO of CASO, led the discussion. He and his team put together an itinerary that made the trip well worth the time. We began with a round table about some of the things going on in the industry like clients focusing on disaster recovery because of climate change, how low employment rates affect hiring new talent, and a bevy of other topics.

Other sessions included a demonstration of the latest and greatest features in ECM Toolbox, an update from MetaSource, a panel discussion from re-sellers about their customer success stories, and how to plan and run a killer client demo.

Around mid-day, CASO announced partner awards. It was awesome to see some of our close friends be recognized for their hard work and trust in ECM Toolbox.

During the parting reception, Richard asked what my biggest takeaway from the event was. After having a few days to reflect on the question, my answer remains the same: ApplicationXtender and ECM Toolbox perfectly align with our client’s demands for managing their information assets and business processes.