From cave art to intelligent information capture

Inside of cave.

During the Ice Age, cavemen inscribed messages on cave walls to document and communicate messages about the world around them. Capturing information a few thousand years ago involved physically reading what was carved into stone walls (the document repository if you will) with sharp tools. Some organizations still use this system today - they manually process data with their eyeballs from paper to make business decisions.

With advanced document capture systems, capturing data is so easy a caveman can do it

Many organizations are still reliant on paper to initiate business processes, transaction processing, and decision making. Paper is here to stay, but it doesn't have to slow down your operations or cost you a fortune.

The cost to search for a missing document is estimated to be 120 dollars. It costs 8 dollars to process a single invoice. 70 percent of that cost is tied to processing the document.

A huge opportunity lies in speeding up processing time by using intelligent capture.

Document capture software helps to organize documents and extract vital business data

OpenText Captiva takes information trapped in documents and makes it available for use in business processes and line of business applications. When it comes to processing speed and recognition accuracy, Captiva is simply unrivaled.

Vancity reduced document prep time by 50 percent. Genrali Hellas spent 80 percent less time generating insurance policies.

What can capture do for you? Read this eBook on OpenText Captiva to learn more. Contact us to talk about advanced document capture in your office.