Newspaper Scanning Services

Newspaper scanning services. 

Long before the advent of internet, blogs, news outlets and the other means to communicate with the masses, newspapers were the instruments that allowed citizens to learn about current affairs. Journalists didn’t just write about politics, sports, social issues, economy and local happenings, they gave readers the information needed to think and discuss matters in an educated way. Newspapers help its readers develop new ideas about things going on around them.

Most counties have publications that are archived by local libraries or government offices. These local newspapers unlock the feelings at the time shared by the community in which the newspaper resides. A rural community in the Mississippi delta’s account of a national event may differ greatly than that of residents from Manhattan. Keeping these time capsules alive for generations to come is of great importance.

Since most of this recorded history is available only on paper, many counties have started digitizing their collections to keep them safe from degradation and provide access to interested parties.

Revolution Data Systems has scanned and microfilmed countless volumes of newspapers for local government offices and libraries. If your office would like to learn more about our newspaper scanning services, please reach out for a free consultation.

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