What is OpenText Captiva?

OpenText Captiva is enterprise capture software that turns documents into application-ready information. It offers image and text-based identification, structured and unstructured data extraction and validation, as well as mobile and browser-based scanning.

Captiva is omnichannel capture software

Content enters an organization from a vast array of input channels. Some of these channels include scanned documents, faxes, emails, web portals, mobile devices, MFPs, network directories and more. Captiva captures data from any input channel and classifies it with Advanced Recognition.

Captiva automates document-driven business processes 

Captiva Advanced Recognition has sophisticated image and text-based classification tools to automatically identify documents. It utilizes zonal and intelligent free form data extraction to transform documents into digital data and validates it using internal business rules and external system calls. 

Captiva accelerates the flow of information through your business by:

  • Replacing manual document handling by automatically identifying document types

  • Reducing manual data entry by extracting key information

  • Capturing complex data from tables like invoice line items

  • Utilizing powerful data validation to ensure accurate data is routed to workflows

  • Locating and extracting data on semi-structured or unstructured documents

OpenText Captiva Support and Maintenance

Revolution Data Systems is your go-to partner for supporting your Captiva software installation. Our clients from around the country rely on our team to help eliminate expensive and manual document-intensive bottlenecks in their business processes.