No matter how large or small you’re the municipality is, there is a lot of paperwork to manage! Searching through filing cabinets to find records is a slow and error-prone process.

That’s where we come in.

Our records management software allows you to manage your records digitally. We provide scanning and indexing services for your existing paper documents to give you access to all your records in a centralized location.

We build applications, or digital filing cabinets, for each of your record types. Some of the records that municipalities commonly manage are:

  • Resolutions

  • Agendas

  • Meeting minutes

  • Finance records

  • Human resource files

  • Historical records

  • Building permits

  • Safety procedures

  • Maps and engineering documents

  • Police reports

We offer cloud or on-premise records management software for municipalities

Larger municipalities with a robust IT infrastructure like having the ability to manage software systems internally. For smaller offices with limited IT resources, we can manage your application in our Microsoft Azure cloud. Our cloud offering allows you to pay as you go rather purchasing the software licenses upfront.

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