Onsite Scanning Service

In the case where your documents cannot leave your building, our team can setup scanning equipment onsite and digitize your collection. Our service area is generally the gulf south, from Texas to Florida. Exceptions can be made for special projects. We never hire temporary workers for projects, so you know your records are being scanned by an experienced operator.  

Record Storage and Retrieval

Some organizations simply do not have the space to house all of their business records. Our facility is equipped with 24-hour surveillance, enhanced security alarms, smoke detection alerts systems, temperature control and everything you need to keep your documents secure. 

Gaining access to your records in our custody is easy with our scan-on-demand services. Within 30 minutes we give you online access to your files in a format of your choosing.

Document Management Software 

Scanning paper is only half the equation. If your business needs a system to manage documents, we offer cloud document management software for your team to access from any location. For those with a dedicated IT staff, our document management software can be installed on your servers. 

We scan documents for:

  • Local and state government

  • Construction firms

  • Oil and gas companies

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Financial services

  • Law offices

We scan any type of document:

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