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More often than not when first seen, people don't often know what an aperture card is. They almost always contain one negative image within a large cardboard outer shell and will often be found in filing cabinets made especially for them.

Some aperture cards actually come with small notches cut out of them which were put there initially as a pre-modern computer-based search system. When you needed to find a particular reference number, the cut-out notches would allow you to find them due to the position and size of the cut out areas. It's kind of laughable to think of now, but back then it was the height of innovation.

As convenient as they might have been at the time, being used since the early 50s up until today, there have been a number of better solutions since culminating with today's digital document storage. Computers, on average, store upwards of 2TBs on their hard-drive, not to mention what external hard drives can offer. It makes sense to transfer the images onto a device that essentially takes up less room and allows you to access to the cards whenever you wish and edit them as you like.

Aperture card scanning might be something of a niche area, but many company still have valuable information trapped on the cards, much like the closely related microfilm and microfiche. The devices on which they could be viewed are more scarce than ever thanks to the advent of storing images and other files on hard drives and in the cloud. When it comes to actually finding a device to view aperture cards, it ends up being quite expensive.

Aperture card scanning doesn't just enable you to view images from the comfort of your own computer, it also enable you to edit those images, share them over the internet, email them, print them, and essentially do whatever you wish with them. Going digital adds a level of flexibility you didn't previously have.

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