Affordable Document Management Software Does Exist

Affordable document management software.

Show me a company that manages documents and business processes on paper, and I will show you a company that should be investing in document management software. There are countless organizations in every industry that still manage their information assets manually.

Why are some organizations stuck on paper?

There are many reasons why some offices still run on paper, particularly in small to mid-size organizations. For the sake of this article, I will cover the most prevalent reason why – document management software can be expensive. If you Google ‘document management software’, you will see results for thousands of software products. A lot of these products are well-established, feature-rich, and can handle any document-related problem you throw at them.

Once you’ve taken the time to evaluate some of the market-leading document management software products, you are left wondering if you need that much horsepower and if your company can stomach the six-figure investment and long implementation period. In most scenarios, the answer is a resounding ‘no’.

Software companies in the document management space mostly focus their efforts on building expensive tools targeted at big corporations with ten-figure IT budgets. If you aren’t a massive company or if your needs are at the department level, why would you use the same tools they are using?

Companies need a reasonably-priced document management system that can scale to fits their needs

If this is you, ApplicationXtender (AX) by OpenText is a document management system that was built for small to medium-sized businesses. It is affordable, has a large install base in every industry, and is equipped with features that clients love:

·         Full-text search capability helps users discover information quickly and easily

·         Powerful workflow capabilities to transform paper-based business processes

·         Capture package allows batch scanning and indexing of paper documents

·         REST APIs allow access to deep content capabilities from within other systems

·         It can be deployed in a few days rather than weeks or months

·         Easily integrate with other line-of-business and Microsoft Office applications

·         Users can access their documents from the application they are working in

·         Available on-premise and cloud-based

These are a few of the many features that make ApplicationXtender the affordable document management system you’ve been looking for. While it is already a robust system, OpenText continually invests in modernizing the product to keep up with client needs.

How much does ApplicationXtender cost?

Good question – click here to request pricing and schedule a demonstration.