How much does it cost to scan a box of records?

How much does it cost to scan boxes of documents?

A standard box of documents contains about 2,500 pages. The industry average to scan records is between $0.10 and $0.16 per page.

A standard box of records costs about $250 to scan.

For small projects of a few boxes or less, the cost to scan a box of documents is about $400. There are other factors that can affect pricing. 

Factors that can affect pricing for document scanning services:

1. How many pages do you need scanned?

Multiply the number of boxes you have by 2,500 to get an idea of how many pages you have. If you have 50 standard boxes of paper, multiply 50 times 2,500 to come up with 125,000 pages. Lower volume scanning projects have a higher unit cost.

2. How much prep work is required to get your documents ready for scanning?

It can take a great deal of time to remove staples, rubber bands and other fasteners from your records. The documents must also be taken out of folders or binders. If heavy prep is required to get your documents ready for scanning, your cost will increase.

3. How much re-prep is required for your documents after they have been scanned?

Once your documents are scanned, will they need to be stapled back together or put back in their original folders/binders? If not, eliminating this step saves time and money. If you are not legally required to keep them files once they have been scanned, it may be a good idea to have them destroyed after they have been scanned.

4. Which index fields need to be captured from your records?

When scanning records, we need a logical way to order, name and index each document. The least expensive way to index a box of records is to name them by what’s on the box (names, years, etc.), and look them up digitally as you would if you were looking through the physical box. For an extra few pennies, you could have them OCRed, allowing you to search the files by keywords. As the level of complexity increases for indexing your files increases, so does the cost of data entry.  

5. Need documents scanned at your office in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama or anywhere in the gulf south?

Most of our document scanning projects are handled in our secure facility in Abita Springs, LA; however, some clients require that we scan documents at their site. We handle onsite scanning projects all over the gulf south, but it does cost a bit more to setup at your site. 

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