A high-volume mailroom is expensive and difficult to maintain, even for the most well-run companies. Switching to an outsourced digital mailroom means that we handle the opening, sorting, and distribution of your incoming mail. Your mail is scanned and indexed by one of our operators before being sent to the right person in your organization for review and processing.  

How outsourcing your mailroom works

  • We setup a dedicated PO Box for your mail

  • Our team picks up the mail daily

  • Each piece of mail is scanned (unless otherwise specified)

  • We index each piece of mail based on your indexing rules

  • Digital images and associated meta data is sent to you the way you need it.

  • We can transmit data via FTP site, import it directly into your system of record, etc.

Benefits of a digital mailroom

  • Reduce paper storage

  • Save time and money

  • Mail enters your organization digitally

  • Centralized mail operations

  • Never lose mail


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