Board of Supervisor Minutes in the Cloud

No servers. No software. Just the ability to find what you need quickly and easily.

Finding relevant information in board minutes is a challenge for most counties. With RDS Cloud's Full Text search capabilities, you can find the information you need fast. Our Full Text Indexing environment gives users the ability to search unstructured data by providing various advanced search methods to quickly and easily locate specific information. All search hits are highlighted directly on the document, and users can easily navigate between hits by the click of a button.

Powerful Search Functionality

Various powerful search methods, such as simple word, wildcard, stemming, proximity, and thesaurus, make information easier to find. Also, text searches can be combined with keywords or date range searches to define and limit the documents returned. These searches are significantly faster than regular text searches.

This is the main screen where you perform searches within your minute book collection.

Search by date.

Search by book.

Search entire collection by words, phrases or expressions.

See your results highlighted in blue.

Advantages of the RDS Cloud

Only buy what you need  

RDS signed an exclusive OEM contract with OpenText to offer single-user ApplicationXtender licenses deployed in the cloud.   

No need to buy servers  

We host your documents in Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. You don't have to worry about the headaches associated with managing a server or software.  

Save money

With our pricing model, you pay a low monthly fee compared to tens of thousands of dollars upfront and thousands of dollars each year for hardware and software maintenance. You also get upgrades free when the product is updated.  

Imaging and indexing partner you know 

Our team has scanned and indexed millions of records for various government agencies across the United States.  

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