How ApplicationXtender deployed in Microsoft Azure has been a game-changer for clients

In 2016, we signed an OEM contract that allowed us to offer ApplicationXtender (AX) on a subscription basis. Our contract was born in response to something that our clients had been clamoring for: an easy to setup, cloud-based document management system that doesn’t cost a fortune and could scale to fit their needs.

Sounds simple enough, right? Let’s break that down.

Document management system that is easy to setup and use

For nearly two decades, ApplicationXtender has earned a reputation as being a very user-friendly document management product. Most training sessions take less than a day. Setting up the entire platform, even for on-premise systems, usually take a day or two. By eliminating the need for client-side hardware and IT intervention, we made setups even easier. Depending on the complexity of the application(s), we can have a client in full production in less than a day.

ApplicationXtender Overview

Note: Yes, “hairy” workflow automation projects can take weeks! Automating business processes like invoice processing and HR on-boarding are usually phase two of document management projects, but this blog is focused on phase one of going paperless.

Cloud-based document management system

Companies rely on the internet now more than ever to maintain fragmented work forces. Having control of their information from any internet-connected device prevents lapses in business continuity and provides the fuel for informed business decisions.

To make our journey to the cloud a successful one, we deployed ApplicationXtender in Microsoft Azure. We chose Azure for its robust security protections including their commitment to GDPR compliance, simplified infrastructure management, machine learning studio, and scalability. Azure’s global footprint of data centers ensures that downtime for our clients is virtually zero.

Document management system that doesn’t cost a fortune

One of the foremost concerns that our clients had was the cost of entry to document management. A basic on-premise system with professional services starts around 20 thousand dollars. On top of that, you must account for infrastructure costs and IT staff to maintain it.

Under our subscription model, you pay a monthly fee that includes software, upgrades, and application management.  In addition, your data is protected by being included in our ApplicationXtender platform backup strategy. Simply login and go!

Document management system that scales fluidly

Instead of buying a system and growing into it, a subscription model allows you to start with a single user. You start by going paperless in one department, say Accounts Payable, then growing the system from department to department.

Most clients start with a single use case that turns into dozens of use cases. Adding more users and applications can be done on the fly. This method of scaling-to-fit makes system adoption highly successful.

Is your office ready to eliminate those pesky file cabinets and start managing its documents more efficiently?