Revolution Data Systems Inks OEM Contract for ApplicationXtender

It’s interesting how much the conversation about ECM has changed over the last few years. Times were much simpler then. Customers just wanted a way to capture, store and manage information. As the conversation changed, so has our portfolio of services and products.

We recently executed an OEM contract with OpenText (formerly EMC ECD) that allows us to offer their midmarket product, ApplicationXtender (AX), as a service. We now hold the distinction as the only partner licensed to sell AX on a per-user basis in the cloud.  Let’s take a minute to talk about why this contract is in place.

People are (finally) focused on cloud based document management

I remember when the industry was abuzz with talk of the cloud. Every provider’s website had some version of a cloud as their main banner image. Customers were interested but the thought of managing information in the cloud was still an afterthought. Concerns about security, governance and storage were still front and center. Even in discussions with industry peers there were more questions than answers. It was just too new.

Customers are reshaping how they view ECM

The early adopters proved that there is real value in the cloud. The big questions about security and governance finally received their answers. The technology has been solid for years, but before taking the leap to a cloud or hybrid model, it had to be proven that data could be governed outside the firewall. It has been proven many times over.

Today, customers want to know things like how to lower costs by switching to a more economical SaaS model or how to deliver the best customer experience possible with technology. This question comes from a diametrically opposed viewpoint when you consider that the old conversation “how do we manage and store all this stuff?” has morphed into “how do we use all this stuff to make us better?”.

It is exciting to hear customers talk about how their businesses are changing and how technology’s influence is affecting their strategic focuses going forward. Our new AXaaS offering is positioned to help our clients succeed in the future. 

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