How we help Human Resources departments

Seamless onboarding HR process

Streamline employee onboarding

First impressions count. Make a great one with a seamless onboarding process from application to hire date. 

Secure document management for Human Resources

Secure HR file management

Make sure only the right people have access to confidential employee information.

Document scanning for HR files

Document scanning for HR

Eliminate the security risks and storage problems associated with paper by outsourcing the scanning of your files.

Benefits of going digital in Human Resources

Instant access to HR files

Searching through filing cabinets for employee files isn’t a good look. HR needs to the ability to quickly find files with no lag time. By indexing the files with accurate meta-data fields like employment status, name, employee ID, department, you will always be able to locate documents when you need them.

Document security

Imagine if your employees had access to each other’s personnel files. By storing documents in filing cabinets, you run this risk every single day. Also, you need a document management software that has a permission-based security so that unauthorized users can’t access files that aren’t meant for their viewing.

Electronic onboarding

You don’t need paper to hire someone. Handle this process digitally and put your file cabinets out to the pasture. Your new employee can complete all of the necessary forms digitally. As an added bonus, you will already have an electronic personnel file created.