Get more out of your document management system

Michael Jordan tennis shoes.

As a 90s kid, I started watching sports around the time Glavine, Maddox and Smoltz were embarrassing batters, Brett Favre was busting the webbing of his receiver’s fingers and Saints fans wore paper bags to games.

The must-see athlete of the 90s was without a doubt Michael Jordan. After his illustrious playing career, he became the king of sneakers, an NBA franchise owner, and a pretty good golfer to boot.

Michael Jordan decided that he was more than a basketball player.

Your document management software does a lot more than manage records

What are you missing out on?

A lot of you are proficient at managing your department’s documents and processes, but few maximize the investment in the system. You could be putting in time in the batting cages, but you’re content with working on your jump shot. I get it, and I hope you get these basketball references.

Have you ever dug in to see what other features your already-paid-for software has? What does the latest version of the software do? You might have a deadly three-point shooter sitting on the bench. Eventually, that long-range assassin is going to trade in his uniform to play for a division opponent to light you up in front of your home crowd.  

A new feature can totally transform the way you do business or, better said, reduce the amount of work you have to do

Call your software vendor. Find out what you’re missing out on. See if there are new features or add-on modules that could be useful to your needs.

Our document management software is much more than a repository for documents. It has advanced workflow automation that makes business processes run like the Princeton offense, an OCR engine that reads images like John Stockton reads a defense, a connector that makes integration with any LOB a layup, and many others that some fail to put in the game. 

If you use OpenText ApplicationXtender or Captiva, know that there are experts out there that would like nothing more than to help you push the ball down the court.