Going digital is much more than scanning paper

Workflow automation for businesses.

I can hear our fleet of scanners humming when I walk down the hallway. As one of the largest document scanning service bureaus in Louisiana, millions of pieces of paper pass through our scanners every month. These pieces of paper all have a story and a purpose.

The purpose and value of each of these pieces of paper vary greatly. Right now, we may be scanning a collection of invoices that manage the flow of money for an organization.  Or we might be scanning an archive of project files to complete the picture of a company’s past and future revenue generating success.  Each of these records hold a great deal of value to a company.

Scanned images can start a workflow

A huge opportunity lies in digitizing records, but another, far greater opportunity lies in what’s ahead for the data that resides on the paper.  By extracting key information from your documents, you can automate business processes by kicking off a workflow - a repeatable pattern of efficient business activities necessary to complete a job.

A common business process is invoice processing.  In a typical AP department, invoices are received and manually keyed into an accounting system. This method is error-prone and can become extremely costly if you have a large volume of invoices. We automate this workflow by scanning your incoming paper invoices and extracting necessary data that is used to automatically route the invoice for approval. Exception handling is a breeze since all necessary data is captured and made available. Your workflows are tied directly to your accounting software so that you can instantly find invoices.

Paper invoice processing is one of many business processes that can slow you down and wreak havoc on your cash flow.  No matter which business process you have left bound to paper, we will build a plan for you to go digital, using the data to eliminate bottlenecks and deliver desired outcomes. 

5 results of workflow automation

Implementing a workflow automation solution reaps many benefits for your organization. Below are 5 great reasons for you to consider:

  1. Communication – No longer will your employees be left wondering whether a process has been completed. Notifications keep employees informed of the status allowing a quick response.

  2. Productivity – Humans make mistakes no matter their experience level. Implementing workflow automation tools eliminates error-prone and re-work activities.

  3. Cost savings – Automating repetitive tasks decreases the volume of human activities required to complete your business processes.

  4. Snowball effect – Once your team has one or two business processes automated, the recouped value can be scaled across other applications.

  5. Continuity – Third party applications, ERP systems, and legacy databases can be integrated creating comprehensive processes that eliminate duplication of work.

Outcomes that can be realized when automating business processes

Streamlining once manual business processes render substantial gains across your entire organization. With the right workflow solution, the results above allow you to achieve your desired outcomes. The list is infinite depending on your objective and goals.  We have helped our clients:

  • Absorb growth without increasing expenses

  • Reduce expenses to increase profit margin

  • Connect remote locations to share information

  • Consolidate multiple facilities down to one

  • Reduce expenses to make capital investments

  • Increase value of entity for acquisition or IPO

Let us know what you want to accomplish, we’ll work with your team to get started!